OEM ODM 18650 Battery Pack 24V 26Ah

2024-04-23 06:10

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Công suất định mức


Điển hình26AhStandard discharge(0.2C5A)after standard charge
Tối thiểu 25.5Ah
2Định mức điện áp24VĐiện áp hoạt động trung bình
3Điện áp cuối xả19,25VXả điện áp cắt
4Sạc khi kết thúc điện áp29.4V
5Trở kháng nội bộ28mΩ
6Phí tiêu chuẩnConstant Current 0.2C5A Constant Voltage 29.4V 0.02C5A cut-off
7Xả tiêu chuẩnConstant Current 1C5A end Voltage 19.25V
8Sạc điện nhanhConstant Current0.5C5A Constant Voltage 29.4V 0.02C5A cut-off
9Xả nhanhConstant Current 3C5A end Voltage 19.25V
10Sạc liên tục tối đa hiện tại0.5C5A
11Dòng xả liên tục tối đa3C5A

Phạm vi nhiệt độ hoạt động


Charge:5~45℃60+/-25%R.H. Bare Cell
Xả: -10 ~ 60 ℃
13Phạm vi nhiệt độ lưu trữ


Dưới 1 năm: -20 ~ 25 ℃60+/-25%R.H. at the shipment state
Less then 3 months:-20~40℃
14Cân nặngApprox 6kg
15Kích thước220*67*114mm


General Feature

Long cycle life more than 1000 times

Over-charge/over-discharge/over-current safety protection

Short circuit safety protection

High temperature safety protection

In-built safety protection BMS

All battery are complied with ISO/CE/UN/EC/EN62133/MSDS

Discharge Connector

Ứng dụng

The PVC lithium ion battery packs can be widely used in ebike,electric scooter,robot,medical device,electric motorcycle,electric wheelchair,energy storage etc.


1.Packing:All goods are 100% tested pass before dispatch and packed by customized spongs with high hardness/thick cartons

2.For Samples:can ship within 7-10days

Câu hỏi thường gặp

Q1:Are you factory?

A1:Yes,we are factory for more than 14 years battery experience with superior quality and best price.

Q2:Can I have a sample order?

A2:Yes,we accept sample order to test and check quality firstly.Batteries can be made as your request

Q3:Do you have MOQ?

A3:No MOQ,but the more you order,the better price you get.All products are always in stocks

Q4:What's your delivery date?

A4:Usually about 7-10 days for samples,15-20 days for mass orders after payment confirmed

Q5:What's your payment terms?

A5:T/T,Paypal,Western Union

Q6:Which shipping method you usually take?

A6:Generally,battery will be shipped via express,UPS,DHL and so on.We can also ship with your own shipping forwarder

Q7:What kind of package you provide for your products?

A7:We pack the batteries by PE bag/cartons/boxes.Also if you ship with your own agents,we can pack as your agents requested

Q8:Can you accept Trade Assurance Order or deposit for order?

A8:Yes,welcome to send us trade assurance order anytime.also we can accept 30% deposit just make sure full payment before dispatch

Q9:What about your after-sales service?

A9:We will offer you 1 year guarantee.If there are any problems,pls inform us,we'll give the most perfect solutions

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